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Educator Professional Development 
New Professional Development for Educators During Times of Crisis 

Created by leading mental health and education experts at Partnerships in Education and Resilience (PEAR) and incubated at Harvard and McLean Hospital, we offer these four workshop tracks as a response to the urgent needs of  educators, youth, and their communities. All workshops can be taken as a one-time training or as part of a series and can fit into existing professional development time. Certificates and support for PDP applications are available.

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Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis

& Disruptive Behaviors Series

Youth mental health is at a crisis—the Surgeon General has issued an advisory on the urgency of the problem. This 3-workshop series offers solutions for educators.

Three Workshops (2 hours each)

Workshop 1: Understanding the Present Situation from a Mental Health Perspective

Workshop 2: How Do We Know What Youth are Going Through?

Workshop 3: A New Vision of the Three Tiers of Support


Supporting Educator Wellness
& Reducing Burnout Series

Educators are leaving the field in record rates and those who are staying are reporting burnout and stress. This workshop helps educators build their personal wellness toolkit beyond the pandemic.


2-hour or 1/2 day Workshop

Option 1: 2-hour workshop

Option 2: Half-day workshop


Building Relationships, Belonging
& Safe Structure Series

The disruption of the pandemic has led youth to feel disconnected from learning and their peers. This 3-workshop series helps educators create rituals and norms, reduce disruptions and build connections.

Three Workshops (2 hours each)

Workshop 1: Reimagining Belonging

Workshop 2: Connection and Reconnection: Structure, Agreements, and Rituals

Workshop 3: Relationships and Identity


Leveraging Developmental Resilience
in the Face of Adversity Series

Youth are facing their own challenges in addition to the stresses of the pandemic, racial injustice, political unrest, and climate crisis. This multi-part workshop series introduces PEAR’s new theory and practice of building resiliency in the engagement with adversity.

Four Workshops (2 hours each)

Workshop 1. Introduction to Developmental Resilience

Workshop 2. How to Develop Your Resilience Now and Into the Future

Workshop 3. Finding and Supporting the Strengths in Youth with Mental Health Needs

Workshop 4. Applying Developmental Resilience Skills to Work with All Students

PEAR is committed to create a workshop experience that will be right for your team. Please contact us to discuss workshop duration, group size, certificate and professional development points options. All workshops are virtual, and we can provide in-person training options in the Northeast and other select regions.


Email to learn more.


Teams who attend our workshops will leave with:

  • A foundational understanding of social-emotional development (SED) and a focus on relationships 

  • A set of goals to help students and families get engaged and stay engaged in learning

  • A plan to integrate learning and thriving in a year of healing after and during a long period of hardship, even trauma

  • A new understanding of norms that will include students in their establishment and enforcement

  • A set of positive rituals focused on increasing learning engagement and motivation to increase academic catch-up and performance, but with the priority on establishing strong relationships then productive structures and ambitious learning goals, not the other way around 

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