Mental Health in Our Times

Three Workshops (2 hours each)

Mental Health in Our Times

In the midst of a global pandemic and more public instances of racial injustice, many people are holding additional stress making wellness a challenge. In educational spaces especially, where caring adults are responsible for learning and well-being, this moment is an opportunity to center on what matters most: relationships.

PEAR has designed a series of workshops focused on surviving and thriving, recognizing that surviving alone isn’t enough and that our goal should be supporting youth and educators in their ability to thrive.

PEAR's mental health series gives participants an understanding of what to expect regarding youth and educators’ mental health and well-being. Once we can grasp what we’re experiencing, we can unpack how to assess it and create strategies to promote mental health.

Learning Objectives

Workshop 1: Understanding the Present Situation from a Mental Health Perspective
-- Develop a shared language and approach to discussing the pandemic’s impact
-- Use a social-emotional framework to understand mental health challenges youth are facing amidst the pandemic
-- Create a chart of ways to center their own wellness and translate that into their schools/programs

Workshop 2: How Do We Know What Youth are Going Through?
-- Identify the “look-fors” regarding mental health and wellbeing
-- Implement strategies for identifying youth mental health concerns
-- Understand the role of educators in identifying & supporting youth mental health needs

Workshop 3: A New Vision of the Three Tiers of Support
-- Organize response to youth mental health needs by the three tiers
-- Use a social-emotional frame to understand youth and adult mental health needs
-- Create a plan to address mental health needs in their school or program