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Resilient Openings: Motivating Students & Supporting Educators 

As schools across the country return to in person education, PEAR has prepared the services and tools that are essential to assure that learning, social-emotional, and mental health needs of children, youth, and educators are met during these difficult times. These offerings are based on developmental sciences and learning theory to help schools meet the social-emotional, academic, and learning engagement needs of their students. 

PEAR offerings to support resilient openings:

"A new era is emerging right in front of our eyes, and we cannot afford an educational system that is still grounded in past centuries." 
Dr. Gil Noam, Ten Big Bets: Transforming Education during the Pandemic and Beyond 

Each of our offerings can be used as individual components in a school's opening strategy or together for a holistic approach.

Essential Ingredients for Resilient School Openings 
Know Every Child: Elevating Student Voice is More Important than Ever 

As we return to in-person education, there is an opportunity to make data-informed decisions to support the needs of students and promote equity throughout the school. By using a student-voice youth assessment like the Holistic Student Assessment (HSA), educators can get an immediate snapshot of how students are doing at the start of school. This data is linked to the Multi-Tier Support System (MTSS) to help educators determine the right level of support for each student.


This assessment is directly applicable to "resilient openings" by measuring learning interest, academic motivation, school bonding, equity, perseverance and more. This data is part of a system that can track student responses over multiple points of the school year and connect to a school's platform to create an integrated view of student needs.

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Support Educators: Professional Development to Meet the Moment 

Educators have taken on the large task of continuing education throughout this pandemic, juggling rapid changes and working hard to maintain relationships with their students over the distance. We now have an opportunity to engage and motivate young people and address the learning loss and disparities in access that were magnified by remote learning. 


PEAR has developed a series of nine evidence-informed virtual workshops for school teams to work together to plan to address the needs of their students. Each workshop has time built in for the group to discuss and plan together. Follow up coaching from the PEAR team is also available for schools interested in additional support.

Fortify Learning: Social-Emotional Development and Mental Health 

Guided by the Clover Model, a social-emotional framework, developed by Dr. Gil Noam and PEAR researchers, PEAR helps educators support students at all three tiers of social-emotional need. As we return to in-person education, we have an opportunity to take a more integrated approach to social-emotional learning and mental health to "work upstream" to help all youth thrive. Starting with a model of thriving, PEAR integrates its offering around all three tiers.

Offerings include:

All offerings are easily integrated into a school's existing system and are designed to expand social emotional growth, resilience in the face of adversity, and mental health. Mental health training and coaching is available for student support teams.

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Ten Big Bets: Transforming Education during the Pandemic and Beyond 

In this book, Dr. Gil Noam shows that times of upheaval demand fundamental positive change. Rather than providing a technical manual or rigid prescriptions, Noam introduces ten core ideas for teachers, administrators, afterschool providers, and families to embrace both in the harrowing time of COVID-19 and in the years of reconstruction and transformation that will follow. By bringing us to these core ideas of what's important, Ten Big Bets offers a clear path for all adults who dedicate themselves to children and youth so that each and every one learns and thrives. Each chapter is followed by concrete, evidence-based recommendations that can be implemented immediately and over time.

In addition to the book, Dr. Noam has created discussion guides and resource lists that schools can use as part of their professional development work.