Working at Home

The 2020-2021 school year is full of unknowns. Whether your school or program is being conducted in a virtual, blended, or in-person format, PEAR is prepared to support schools, districts and OST programs to assure that learning, social-emotional, and mental health needs of children, youth, and educators are met during these difficult times.

PEAR Remote Offerings include:


The PEAR Team recognizes our partners are facing ever-shifting times and circumstances for youth learning in school and during out of school time. In partnership with schools and programs across the US and internationally, we are learning how to best navigate new educational systems, virtual environments, and hybrid approaches to learning. For this reason we have, we have adapted a remote administration protocol for our our assessment tools and have created additional questions around youth experience of the remote learning environment. We have also added variables to enable partners to filters their data by time point so we can work together to support quality programming and continuous improvement.

Assessments Available for Remote Administration:
Holistic Student Assessment
Measuring social-emotional strengths and challenges.
  • HSA-Pre
  • HSA-Elementary
  • HSA with Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
  • HSA-Retrospective Self-Change
  • HSA-Retrospective Pre/Post
Online Tutorial
Remote Administration Resources:
  • Virtual administration guide

  • Guide to the survey for students

  • Short overview of the assessment, what it is and how the data will be used for parents and families

  • Longer parent/family FAQ

Common Instrument Suite
Measuring STEM interest and engagement.
  • CIS-Student (4 variations available based on age of youth and program's measurement interest)
  • CIS-Educator
9 Workshops for Surviving and Thriving in Educational Settings 

Engaging Students in Virtual Learning Workshops: (90-120 minutes each)

  1. Meeting Virtual SED Needs

  2. Building Engagement and Motivation Online

  3. How Virtual Environments Can be Productive for Academic Learning

Belonging, Relationships, and Structure Workshops: (90-120 minutes each)

  1. Belonging and Relationships – Connection and Reconnection

  2. Structure, Agreements, and Rituals to Strengthen Relationships and Learning during the Pandemic

  3. The Big Picture: Future, Goals, and Optimism

Understanding Mental Health in Our Times Workshops: (90-120 minutes each)

  1. Understanding the Present Situation from a Mental Health Perspective

  2. How Do We Know What Students and Teachers are Going Through?

  3. A New Vision of Three Tiers of Support During the Pandemic and Beyond

Female Student with Laptop

Each workshop is priced at $750 per team. If a group elects to complete three workshops in a series (e.g., the three workshops in the Virtual Learning series), the price is $1,800. 

Dimensions of Success Observation Tool Certification Program 

Dimensions of Success (DoS) is an overarching framework that defines key aspects of a quality STEM learning experience.  DoS forms the backbone of a suite of tools and guides designed to help out-of-school-time (OST) programs (e.g., afterschool programs, summer camps, etc.) improve the quality of their STEM offerings.

DoS remote professional development opportunities include:

  • Virtual DoS Observation Guide

  • DoS Certification Training

  • DoS Recertification Training 

  • Program Planning Tool Training

  • Framework Overview Training

Online Class
Virtual Tier 2 Intervention Groups 

During these unprecedented times, PEAR strongly feels that youth need a space to reflect on and share their experiences throughout the pandemic, as well as to have an opportunity to express their ideas and opinions on where we should go from here.

PEAR is offering support and guidance for schools and programs to run two of the Clover Groups virtually! 


Photo Justice is for youth ages 10-15 who are natural leaders but struggle to express their ideas in productive ways. The group provides a forum where young people's passions and opinions can be channeled through a positive form of expression.


Reflections is for youth ages 10-15 who have strengths in self-reflection and critical thinking, but struggle with perfectionism and self-expression. The group will focus on practices to increase self-compassion and expression through storytelling.

COVID-19 Resource Page 

This page contains PEAR resources and strategies for families, students, and educators as we work together to support our community through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PEAR Team is dedicated to continuing to support you and your work as we all adapt to the new virtual way of life necessary to keep our community safe and resilient. We will continue to develop resources and will update this page through the weeks ahead.

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