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Virtual Targeted Groups 


Now more than ever, youth need a space to reflect on and share their experiences and an opportunity to express their ideas and opinions on where we should go from here.


PEAR is offering support and guidance for schools and programs to virtually run three of our targeted Tier 2 interventions (Clover Groups). We have also developed a Tier 1 virtual advisory for all students. For schools and programs specifically interested in running groups that can address the impact of the pandemic, we recommend selecting Photo Justice or Our Stories.

The Clover Groups curriculum has been conceptualized and developed through the collaboration between developmental psychologist, Gil Noam, Ed.D., Dr. Habil and PEAR. Through theory, practice, and research, the Clover Groups aim to provide an inclusive, strength-based model of intervention that helps build youth competence and resilience through relationships with peers and positive adult figures, and works in collaboration with families, teachers, school administrators, community programs, mental health professionals and others to support youth success. Learn More about the Groups. 


Virtual Advisory was developed in response to school and program shifts to distance learning models as a result of Covid-19 for youth ages 10-15. PEAR strives to be responsive to the needs of our partners and developed this curriculum to allow for relationships and crucial connections to not only be maintained but strengthened during a time of social distancing and virtual learning.


Purpose: Virtual Advisory is designed to help group members get to know one another, work together, and form closer bonds. The curriculum contains various community building activities that range from low risk “get to know you” games, to more complex activities that ask for a willingness from group members to be more vulnerable with one other.


Skill Focus: Building connections with peers and building connections with adults


  • Group Size: 6-12 youth

  • Ages: 10-15 years old

  • Number of Sessions: 12+

  • Length of Sessions: 25-30 minutes

  • Co-Facilitators: 1-2




Photo Justice is for youth ages 10-15 who are natural leaders but struggle to express their ideas in productive ways. The group provides a forum where young people's passions and opinions can be channeled through a positive form of expression.


Many of us have had to make drastic changes to our daily lives. Most of the changes have not been personal choices but have been made for us. It is easy to feel a lack of control. Finding both small and big ways to make choices and advocate for ourselves and others is crucial during a crisis. The Photo Justice curriculum allows youth to explore an injustice or community problem and develop ideas and a plan for how to address it. Many youth would love the opportunity to address the challenges we are facing with the pandemic, and this curriculum provides them with that platform!


Our Stories is for youth ages 10-15 who have strengths in self-reflection and critical thinking, but struggle with perfectionism and self-expression. The group will focus on practices to increase self-compassion and expression through storytelling.

Many of us are wondering what impact the current changes have had on us. We all have many questions ruminating, which is why finding moments to think through and express those ideas and thoughts is so important. The Our Stories curriculum provides a process for youth to reflect on challenges they have gone through or something that has had a significant impact on their lives. In connection to our current times, youth could choose to focus their storytelling project on sharing their experience throughout the pandemic and the impact it has had.

Strong Links is for youth ages 10-15 who have a strong focus on social connection but struggle with self-expression in social contexts. The group helps youth connect with one another while practicing ways to safely assert individuality and voice.

Many of us have had to significantly alter how we socialize and connect with others. With this loss of in-person connection, it's easy to feel lonely, isolated, and a lack of belonging. The Strong Links Curriculum provides an opportunity for youth to be able to talk about how the pandemic and social distancing have impacted their relationships and connect with others in a virtual environment. 


The number of Clover Groups implemented and curricula that is selected are often determined by screenings, like PEAR's Holistic Student Assessment and input by school administrators and teachers.


Participating school and out of school time programs receive:

  • A virtual orientation to the Clover Group(s) they choose to facilitate

  • Digital access to the curriculum and all materials for one year

  • Two check-in calls throughout the 12 sessions

  • An online survey for youth to take at the end of the group to measure growth.

  • PEAR also offers additional support for those facilitating groups through optional coaching sessions and observations