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A Workshop Series on the Urgent Need for Learning and Mental Health for All 

PEAR is offering nine professional development workshops in three key areas for schools and afterschool programs as they prepare to support the learning, social-emotional, and mental health needs of youth during the academic year. This work is designed to help educators create an optimistic and hopeful vision for students, classrooms, and communities and give educators the building blocks needed to survive and thrive during this uncertain time.

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Format: These virtual workshops are designed for individual school or program teams to work together to plan. Each has time built in for the group to discuss and plan together. Workshops are $750 each and $1,800 if a group signs up for a three workshop series (for groups under 50). Contact PEAR for pricing and planning for larger groups. 

Intended Audience: 

  • School, district, or program cohorts working on the return to school 

  • Student support teams, teachers, and school staff

  • Afterschool program teams

Series 1: Belonging, Relationships, and Structure 
Belonging, network connection

As students and educators resume learning activities after a long period of social distancing, health crises, and the painful events highlighting ongoing systemic racism and violence in our country, it is essential to build strong, supportive relationships with students as the foundation for providing a safe learning environment that can instill optimism and resiliency among students and staff.


Workshops: (90-120 minutes each)

  1. Belonging and Relationships – Connection and Reconnection

  2. Structure, Agreements, and Rituals to Strengthen Relationships and Learning during the Pandemic

  3. The Big Picture: Future, Goals, and Optimism

Series 2: Understanding Mental Health in Our Times 
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Your school or program will need a plan to support the mental health needs of your youth at all three tiers. This plan should be strength-focused to identify the inner resiliencies each youth has to address the challenges they face. Educators will need to be equipped with the knowledge to identify and help students who need individual mental health support.


Workshops: (90-120 minutes each)

  1. Understanding the Present Situation from a Mental Health Perspective

  2. How Do We Know What Students and Teachers are Going Through?

  3. A New Vision of Three Tiers of Support During the Pandemic and Beyond

Series 3: Engaging Students in Virtual Learning 

Students will have to be supported in their academic learning and social-emotional development whether education is delivered in-person or virtually. Research shows that the more students feel academically competent, the more their stress and anxiety decrease. This workshop series will focus on strategies to motivate students and to foster academic mentoring in a virtual environment.


Workshops: (90-120 minutes each)

  1. Meeting Virtual SED Needs

  2. Building Engagement and Motivation Online

  3. How Virtual Environments Can be Productive for Academic Learning


Teams who attend our workshops will leave with:

  • A foundational understanding of social-emotional development (SED) and a focus on relationships to start the year

  • A set of goals to help students and families get engaged and stay engaged in learning

  • A plan to integrate learning and thriving in a year of healing after and during a long period of hardship, even trauma

  • A new understanding of norms that will include students in their establishment and enforcement

  • A set of positive rituals focused on increasing learning engagement and motivation to increase academic catch-up and performance, but with the priority on establishing strong relationships then productive structures and ambitious learning goals, not the other way around