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Common Instrument Suite Educator (CIS-E) Survey

The Common Instrument Suite Educator (CIS-E) survey is a retrospective self-report survey designed to capture the unique qualities of STEM programs and the practitioners who lead them. Developed to complement both the Common Instrument Suite Student Survey (CIS-S) and the Dimensions of Success (DoS), the CIS-E enables programs to capture key information about who is leading STEM activities, educators’ levels of support, and perceived efficacy in delivering STEM content. The survey was designed for any in- and out-of-school time staff leading or co-leading STEM activities. 

Answer a variety of key questions about your program. For example...

  • Do our educators come from similar backgrounds as the students we serve (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity)?
  • Do educators feel they have improved student outcomes in various STEM areas?
  • Do educators have positive attitudes about leading informal STEM activities?

​Please see below for examples of the information you'll be able to gather using the CIS-E! 

educator & Program background

  • Level of experience leading/facilitating STEM

  • Demographic characteristics

  • Desired professional development

  • Program focus



  • Educators' confidence, interest, and ability to lead STEM activities

  • STEM identity of educators

  • Self-assessment of implementing aspects of quality programming


  • Educators' perceptions of youth interest, confidence, and abilities in STEM

  • Perceptions of youth 21st century skills

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