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The PEAR Team 

Jane Aibel

Chief Executive Officer

781-226-1586 x106

Bailey Triggs

Chief Operating Officer

781-226-1586 x100

Gil Noam

Advisory Board Chair

Training and Coaching 

Jamaal Williams

Assistant Director of Training

781-226-1586 x103

Jocelyn Coo

Manager of School Supports and Interventions

781-226-1586 x107
Data Services 

Zachary "Adam" Rogers

Manager Database & Software Innovations

781-226-1586 x105

Abigail "Abby" Bergman

Senior Research Assistant

781-226-1586 x104

Michael Sanders

Research Assistant

781-226-1586 x111
Research and Development 

Dawn McDaniel

Associate Director of Research

781-226-1586 x116
Client Relations 

Kristin Lewis-Warner

Associate Director of Partnerships

781-226-1586 x109

Flo Dickerson

Assistant Director of Partnerships

781-226-1586 x110

Nicole "K4" Kfoury

Manager of Networks and Partnerships

781-226-1586 x114

Ben Hutchins

Partnerships Coordinator

781-226-1586 x118

Hannah Meisels

Partnerships & Special Projects Coordinator

781-226-1586 x115

Greg Croft

Partnerships & Data Coordinator

781-226-1586 x113

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