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& Vision

PEAR's mission is to make meaningful theoretical and practical contributions to youth development, educational innovation, and mental health so that increasingly young people can learn, dream, and thrive. PEAR  envisions school and afterschool settings that promote positive youth development so that all young people can be successful.

Our Values

At PEAR we...


We value reflection and use meaningful data to support all learners. We live this value by creating tools that help students build self-awareness and by providing research—living data—to help educators and families know every child’s social-emotional needs and provide high-quality educational experiences.


In our workplace, we recognize that reflection and meaning making are essential to the success of our work.


We value strong, trusting, and empathic relationships that foster belonging. We live this value by uniting community partners around shared language and tools to create common impact and support inclusive systems.


In our workplace, we believe fulfilling our mission requires mutually beneficial collaborations founded on listening, perspective taking, and compassion.


We value voice and believe continuous improvement comes from including diverse perspectives. We live this value by designing all of our tools and practices to encourage agency, decision-making, and leadership.


In our workplace, we value collaboration because we believe all people deserve to be heard and that learning from different perspectives leads to deeper engagement and greater outcomes.


We value action and believe the foundation of mental and emotional wellbeing is a physical, mindful connection with the world. We live this value by helping educators, families, and communities create a safe environment for movement and focus.


In our workplace, we strive to support our staff’s ability to learn in a hands-on, experiential way so they are fully engaged and present with their work.


We value equity, inclusion, and balance. Understanding that every person, group, and system comes with its own set of unique strengths and challenges, we believe balance can be achieved by prioritizing reflection, belonging, voice, and active engagement.


In our workplace, we support balance by providing opportunities for our staff to find meaning in their work, build deep collaborations with their colleagues, share their perspective, and engage in hands on learning.

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