Dimensions of Success Trainings 



  • Live interactions with a knowledgeable team of trainers (no pre-recorded lectures—the trainers are responding to the group’s needs as each dimension is presented).

  • Ability to ask questions and share ideas with fellow trainees and trainers as you complete training exercises.

  • Real-time feedback as trainers read your individual responses to polls and video analysis exercises.

  • Breakout groups where you can work on training activities with trainees across the country.

Online Class

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To support educators and program staff in implementing quality STEM programming for youth, PEAR is offering a social-emotional development (SED) focused workshop centered on supporting the wellness of those who are working with and for youth. This three-hour, interactive workshop is designed to elevate the SED lens and mental well-being of both school and OST educators and will involve discussing wellness and healing, learning how to promote one's own wellness, and building a personal wellness toolkit. For more information on PEAR's SED and mental-health focused workshops, explore the Surviving and Thriving Series brochure.


Please see below to register for the upcoming workshop:

  • New date coming soon. If you register now, we will email you when we release the next training date.


The training process involves a two-day live webinar training, completion of video calibration exercises, a one-hour live calibration session, and successful completion of two practice observation in the field. PEAR staff offer live, webinar DoS trainings monthly and in-person training for state networks or organizations can be arranged as needed for an additional cost. PEAR staff provides ongoing technical assistance, quarterly data reports, and online data management support for all DoS observers for two years post-certification.


Training is offered quarterly and new dates are posted as scheduled. For private training arrangements, please email PEAR at contact@pearinc.org.


Registration for this training closed. If you register now, we will email you when we release the next training date.

“Since I started the certification process, it really changed the way I observe when I’m inside a classroom. Even when I enter a classroom for other reasons, I can’t help but to observe according to the dimensions. Now I know what to look for when I’m in a classroom!”


Please note that observers that have been certified for two or more years need to complete re-certification to make sure they are continuing to use the tool reliably.

  • February 1st, 2022; 1pm-4pm ET. Deadline for Registration is January 25th.


“Not only was this helpful in observations but helpful for me in my teaching and programming practices.

I will definitely use what I learned to create the best opportunities for learning.”


The DoS PPT training is ideal for practitioners, coaches, and facilitators who are looking to strengthen their ability to plan and deliver high-quality STEM activities. This 3-hour training will provide an overview of the DoS Framework to help trainees develop an understanding of each of the 12 indicators of program quality as defined by DoS.  During this training, we will also review the  Program Planning Tool itself,  and provide an opportunity to practice using the PPT with popular STEM curriculum.


  • New date coming soon. If you register now, we will email you when we release the next training date.

“This training gave me the tools needed to be able to ensure my staff and partners include the framework in their facilitation styles and provide feedback to areas of need.”


The DoS Framework Overview Training provides an introduction to the DoS Framework for quality STEM programming. This 3-hour session is ideal for network leads, program administrators, or funders seeking to better understand how to design and improve high-quality STEM learning experiences for youth. Suggestions for setting up a system for program quality including issues of data collection, outcomes and reporting will also be shared. While practitioners may benefit from this training, we suggest our DoS Framework Workshop for those that work directly to implement STEM programming.