Targeted Tier 2 Intervention Groups 
PEAR has developed virtual versions of our targeted intervention groups & a virtual advisory.
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The Clover Groups curricula has been conceptualized and developed through the collaboration between developmental psychologist, Gil Noam, Ed.D., Dr. Habil and PEAR. Through theory, practice, and research, the Clover Groups aim to provide an inclusive, strength-based model of intervention that helps build youth competence and resilience through relationships with peers and positive adult figures, and works in collaboration with families, teachers, school administrators, community programs, mental health professionals and others to support youth success.


Through the Clover Model, youth who are experiencing a significant imbalance in their social emotional competencies and are potentially at-risk for academic, emotional and behavioral problems, are a great fit for participation in a Clover Group. The Clover Groups are tier 2 interventions with the goal to intervene before a youth’s academic performance and healthy development are impacted. The Clover Groups integrate mental health, youth development and education, and are designed specifically for school and out of school time settings. The Clover Groups include Ready, Set, Action, Photo Justice, StrongLinks and Our Stories.

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The number of Clover Groups implemented and curricula that is selected are often determined by screenings, like PEAR's Holistic Student Assessment and input by school administrators and teachers.


Participating school and out of school time programs receive:

  • An orientation to the Clover Group(s) they choose to facilitate

  • A physical copy and/or digital access to the curriculum for one year

  • Two check-in calls throughout the 12 sessions

  • An online survey for youth to take at the end of the group to measure growth.

  • PEAR also offers additional support for those facilitating groups through optional coaching sessions and observations


Join PEAR's Manager of School Supports and Interventions, Jocelyn Coo, as she walks you through an overview of each curriculum, discusses the social emotional development skills each group targets, and gives a little sneak peek into the different session activities. She also shares some guidance on how to facilitate the Clover Groups in a remote or hybrid setting.  (Length: 58 minutes)

We loved facilitating the Photo Justice curriculum! Our kids took ownership of their projects and it was amazing to see their passion come through as they advocated for issues they cared about. We weren’t expecting so much insight at their age!

Our after-school members love the challenges and activities from Ready, Set, Action because it taps into their need to be active and have fun, while teaching valuable skills. I love that it’s easy to implement and fun for the facilitators, too!


Ready, Set, Action

Photo Justice

Strong Links

Our Stories