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Dimensions of Success Observer Certification

DoS Certification

The DoS Certification Course is a 12-week process with self-guided learning that covers the DoS framework, a webinar with PEAR trainers, completion of video calibration exercises, a one-hour live calibration session, and successful completion of two practice observations in the field. PEAR staff provides ongoing technical assistance, quarterly data reports, and online data management support for all DoS observers for two years post-certification.

2024-2025 Certification Cohort Schedule


Winter Cohort: January-April 2024 [In progress] 

  • Anticipated certification: April 2024​

Spring Cohort: April-July 2024 [In progress]

  • Pre-training Materials Available: March 28, 2024

  • Live Training Date: April 18 at 10am ET-4pm ET  

  • Anticipated certification: July ​2024

Summer Cohort: July-October 2024 [Register by June 20]

  • Pre-training Materials Available: June 27, 2024

  • Live Training Date: July 25 at 10am ET-4pm ET  

  • Anticipated certification: October ​2024

Fall Cohort: October 2024-January 2025 [Register by September 19]

  • Pre-training Materials Available: September 26, 2024

  • Live Training Date: October 17 at 10am ET-4pm ET  

  • Anticipated certification: January 2025 ​

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Cohort Participants Receive

During the Course:

  • Pre-work: Series of asynchronous online learning modules (2 weeks to complete)

  • 6-hour, live, online DoS training facilitated by PEAR trainer

  • Personalized feedback on observation notes and evidence 

  • Customized online calibration session (to review initial use of tool)

  • Access to the DoS tool (descriptions of 12 dimensions and 12 rating rubrics), the DoS training handbook, and other resources



  • DoS Observer Certificate (valid for 2 years, and can be renewed with a recertification training)

  • 2-years access to the DoS Learning Platform

  • Access to an online PEAR database system to enter observation reports, and to view and filter data

  • Feedback materials

Online Class

Price: $950 per person. 10% discount available for groups of 3 or more registered for the same cohort.

“Since I started the certification process, it really changed the way I observe when I’m inside a classroom. Even when I enter a classroom for other reasons, I can’t help but to observe according to the dimensions. Now I know what to look for when I’m in a classroom!”

Recertification for DoS Observers

Observers who have been certified for two or more years need to complete re-certification to make sure they are continuing to use the tool reliably.

2024 Recertification Schedule​​

  • March 26, 1-3 pm ET (register by 3/19)

  • May 28, 1-3 pm ET (register by 5/21)

  • July 30, 1-3 pm ET (register by 7/23)

  • September 24, 1-3 pm ET (register by 9/17)

  • November 26, 1-3 pm ET (register by 11/19)

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Recertification Participants Receive

  • One 3-hour recertification training

  • Review of one submitted field observation

  • 2-year access to DoS Learning Platform, a series of asynchronous online learning modules 

Price: $300 per person. 10% discount available for groups of 3 or more registered for the same training.

“Not only was this helpful in observations but helpful for me in my teaching and programming practices.

I will definitely use what I learned to create the best opportunities for learning.”

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