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Tier 1 Support: PEAR Advisory Group

Now more than ever, youth need a space to reconnect with their peers, form new bonds and to feel a sense of community that may have been missing over the past year of social distancing and virtual learning.


Based on the Clover Model of youth development, PEAR has developed a Tier 1 advisory that is suitable for youth as a tier 1, proactive support. The PEAR Advisory has been conceptualized and developed through the collaboration between developmental psychologist, Gil Noam, Ed.D., Dr. Habil and PEAR. Through theory, practice, and research, PEAR Advisory aims to help build youth social-emotional competencies through their relationships with adults and peers and works in collaboration with families, teachers, school administrators, community programs, mental health professionals and others to support youth success.

Virtual Facilitation of the PEAR AdvisoryPEAR has developed a version of the PEAR Advisory designed for virtual facilitation. The curriculum includes tips and strategies for facilitating the activities on a virtual platform such as zoom. Additionally, the activities were all specifically chosen for their ease of use in a virtual setting. 


For more on our Tier 2 student supports, click here to learn more about our Clover Groups


PEAR Advisory was developed in response to school and program shifts to distance learning models as a result of Covid-19 for youth ages 9-15 and was adapted for in-person use as students transitioned back to in-person learning. PEAR strives to be responsive to the needs of our partners and developed this curriculum to allow for relationships and crucial connections to not only be maintained but strengthened in both virtual and in-person settings.


Purpose: PEAR Advisory is designed to help group members get to know one another, work together, and form closer bonds. The curriculum contains various community building activities that range from low risk “get to know you” games, to more complex activities that ask for a willingness from group members to be more vulnerable with one other. Each activity is rooted in the Clover Model and provides youth with the support they need to thrive. 


Skill Focus: Building connections with peers and building connections with adults


  • Ages: 9-15 years old

  • Number of Sessions Included: 28

  • Length of Sessions: 25-30 minutes

  • Co-Facilitators: 1-2




Participating school and out of school time programs receive:

  • A virtual introduction to the PEAR Advisory 

  • Recommendations of the optimal sequencing of the PEAR Advisory based on developmental theory

  • Digital access to the curriculum and all materials for one year

  • PEAR also offers additional support for those facilitating groups through optional coaching sessions and observations


Join PEAR's Manager of School Supports and Interventions, Jocelyn Coo, as she walks you through an overview of the Clover Groups curricula, discusses the social emotional development skills each group targets, and gives a little sneak peek into the different session activities. She also shares some guidance on how to facilitate the Clover Groups in a remote or hybrid setting.  (Length: 58 minutes, discussion of our PEAR Advisory begins at 47:47).

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