Professional Development 

PEAR has developed a variety of professional development, training and coaching programs offered to schools, afterschool, school systems and other youth-serving organizations.

Workshop Series: Surviving and Thriving in Educational Settings

PEAR is offering nine professional development workshops in three key areas for schools and afterschool programs as they prepare to support the learning, social-emotional, and mental health needs of youth during the 2020-21 academic year. This work is designed to help educators create an optimistic and hopeful vision for students, classrooms, and communities and give educators the building blocks needed to survive and thrive during this uncertain time.

The Holistic Student Assessment Administration, Implementation, and Training 

The HSA is a data-driven tool to promote social-emotional development in young people. The self-report tool provides teachers, program staff and administrators with a social-emotional “portrait” of the unique strengths and challenges of each young person. (Grades 4-12)


  • Administration: Help schools and programs implement a student self-report on social-emotional development at beginning and end of year (pre/post). Includes a self-guided administration webinar, 35-40 minutes.

  • Interpretation: Train staff to interpret HSA results and to use data to help inform practices and programs.

  • Coaching: Work with school and program leaders and staff to shift practices and build systems that prioritize social-emotional development in students.

  • Technical Assistance: Assist schools and programs via phone and/or email contact with a PEAR coach.

Social-Emotional Development Curricula Implementation

PEAR's Social-Emotional Development Curricula are 12-week targeted groups designed to help youth build social-emotional competencies through their relationships with adults and peers. The groups integrate mental health, youth development, and education to reduce the stigma of group participation.


There are currently four Clover Groups available:

  • Ready, Set, Action

  • Photo Justice

  • Strong Links

  • Our Stories


Implementation includes full access to the selected curriculum, orientation, and training around the curriculum from a PEAR coach and observation and feedback of the program. For information on PEAR’s certification process and peer-coaching training, contact us.

The Clover Model: Understanding Social-Emotional Development, Birth to Adulthood

Most education and youth development settings are built on a history of developmental theorists, from Freud to Gardner. The Clover Model both synthesizes these multiple theories, and provides a practical, usable framework for educators and youth workers.


4-hour introduction includes:

  • Defining and understanding the Clover Model

  • Understanding the spectrum of child and youth development

  • Seeing behaviors through the Clover lens

  • Using Clover to help us develop SEL support strategies

Additional training modules include:

  • Clover and Tier 3 (High-Needs Populations)

  • Clover and Teamwork, Leadership, and Group Work

  • Clover and Resiliency-Informed Schools