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DoS Feedback Report & Coaching Guide



The DoS Feedback Report helps DoS observers provide meaningful feedback to facilitators and front line staff. This document allows observers to highlight three strengths of the activity and three areas that may be improved upon. Also included in this document are pre-selected tips for improving each of the 12 DoS dimensions. The DoS Feedback Report may be downloaded free of charge.




Coaching Conversations are an important part of the DoS observation process. These conversations help turn DoS evaluation scores into meaningful and actionable feedback for front-line staff. The DoS Coaching Guide provides certified DoS observers with tips on how to structure and facilitate a productive feedback discussion that is grounded in observation. The goal is to make the debriefing process a brainstorming and collaborative discussion versus a critical use of scores. The DoS Coaching Guide may be accessed free of charge on our website and used after observations to translate DoS scores into immediate quality support.

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