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Outward Bound USA's Impact Paper

Broadening and Deepening Outward Bound's Impact Across the United States, written by PEAR's Drs. Gil Noam and Dawn McDaniel and Abby Bergman and Outward Bound USA's Katie Dalbey, spotlights Outward Bound USA’s educational impact across the United States. It features input from each of Outward Bound USA’s 11 regional Schools and describes the landscape of educational partnerships across the Outward Bound USA national network.

Image of the cover of Broadening and Deepening Outward Bound's Impact Across the United States

This paper highlights the full impact Outward Bound USA has through partnerships with Schools and community organizations. It explores the similarities and differences that exist across the network and the various factors that influence partnership programs with Schools and youth-serving organizations. It also includes practical recommendations for how Outward Bound USA, and its schools specifically, might strengthen and expand these programs.

PEAR and Outward Bound USA have worked together since 2018 on a national data system, a program quality improvement process, measurement tool development, and an evaluation.


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