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Building a future where students and educators learn, dream, and thrive.

Science Class

Upcoming Dimensions of Success (DoS) Certification 

Learn about the 12 indicators that comprise a quality STEM learning experience. DoS can be applied to OST and school-based programs operating in-person or virtually.

The next DoS Certification program is scheduled to start April 20!

PEAR partners with schools and youth-serving organizations to drive positive youth development by improving mental health and program quality.

Social Emotional Development Model

The Clover Model highlights four essential elements for all to thrive.


Assessments to measure  social emotional strengths and academic engagement.

Educator Professional Development

Trainings to support educator professional development.

Programs & Practices

Curricula designed in partnership with researchers and practitioners.

Upcoming Events & Professional Development

Click the event name to see more details and registration information.

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